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Milk and Honey

January 25, 2019
By KyleS-_- BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KyleS-_- BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Milk and Honey

By Rupi Kaur


Rupi Kaur a brilliant writer who wrote her poetry book milk and honey,to express towards a specific group of people, girls who need to understand that they are worth something.girls are not toys for boys to play with and throw away,every girl should not believe what most boys would do or say.they don't need to chase for the love they want,love will come eventually and every girl was born to be strong and loved not broken and hurt.the feeling may feel good but later

At the time love will also hurt inside.Why do boys treat girls differently than other boys?Boys feel they are stronger than girls physically and mentally.

Rupi kaur states ”the idea that we are so capable of love but we still choose to be toxic.” The stanza explains girls or boys are able to show love but decides to be toxic to relationships girls need to know that their will always be a bad and good deed when having one with another partner.Rupi kaur is explaining how girls are strong but decides to choose to be weak in the inside and out.Girls were not born to be nothing but to make love with the opposite sex gender.

Girls will be hurt inside when they find someone to love and put all the energy they got in another person.they will heal at the end because they are strong enough to get over with the boy.

The main idea of milk and honey is girls are strong but their will be love and toxic in a relationship.girls are not for boys to play like a toy but to show love and interests in another.

Milk and honey relates to my parents be they are always fighting and it not healthy for them. My mom never wants to solve their problem or make it work out.she always tries to find a way to ignores the problems or runs away.

This book reminds me so much of the world in general because you can look everywhere you’ll see girls and boys in relationship arguing and fighting.including in social media their are girls crying over a boy.but they probably love the other person so much they can't get over.

I recommend this for girls who struggle to deal with love in toxic relationships.

The author's comments:

Their will always be loving and hurting

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