The Notebook

April 20, 2009
By Alison Bradley BRONZE, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Alison Bradley BRONZE, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
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Book Review Outline
Book title and author: The Notebook –Nicholas Sparks

Number of stars (1 to 5): 5

This was made into a movie, and was an amazing novel. The main characters were Allie and Noah. Noah was just a country boy with no money working all the time. Allie was a city girl who was on summer break in Noah's town, they ended up falling in love, but with Allies busy life they were separated.
Description and summary of main points
Allie and Noah were hopelessly in love, during that summer they did everything together he took her to an old house and promised her he would finish it up and they would live there forever together. But when summer break was over they had a huge fight and Allie was forced to leave the small country town. Noah wrote to her for a whole year every day. Allie never got the letters Noah was sending because her mother hid them from her. Allie fell in love with another man in the army he was handsome, but she wasn't herself around him. In the mean time Noah was still completely in love with her and put his life on finishing that house, and he did. He got in the news paper ,and right after Lond purposed to Allie she was trying on her wedding dress and saw it in the newspaper and fainted. That night in the bathtub she decided she would go visit him. They end up finding out they were still head over heels for each other. Lond found out that she had found an old summer love and went to go see if he still had a relationship with her. She still loved Lond very much but wasn't herself around her she chose Noah and they lived together for the rest of their life having a boy and two girls together. They died in a nursing home holding hands.
This was a very good movie and novel, It was romantic ,sad and funny all at the same time and that's what you look for in a book.
Allie and Noah spent their life together and even died at the same time sided by side holding hands.
Your final review
This was an amazing novel and deserved five stars

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