April 19, 2009
By autumn24 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
autumn24 BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
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Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer was a great follow up to both Twilight, and New Moon. This book was named #1 New York Times Bestseller, #1 USA Today Bestseller, and #1 Wall Street Bestseller. The story begins with the realization that many murders, and deaths were occurring in Seattle. Edward suspects that these unsolved murders are caused by a newborn vampire unable to control its thirst. While Edward, and Bella were filling out college applications, Bella confesses how she desires to see Jacob Black, her werewolf friend again. Edward is scared that Bella won't be safe around werewolves because they might hurt her. But, Edward lets Bella see Jacob because he wants her to be happy, and he trusts what she says about the werewolves. Meanwhile, Alice has a vision that Victoria is in Forks looking for revenge. While Edward is hunting he has Bella stay with Alice to ensure her safety. When Bella returns back home she notices some of her things are missing and she is quite confused. She then asked Edward if Alice had taken any of her things when she was over, and Edward said Alice didn't touch anything of Bella. Then Bella, and Edward both find out that a vampire had went into the house taking some of Bella's things with Bella's scent on them. Edward then concludes it might have been a vampire or the Volturi looking for Bella or taking her things to prove they have found her. Bella then is terrified of the fact of a vampire being in her house while Charlie was there. She begs Edward to let her become a vampire.
Edward proposes to Bella so they can become a married couple before he transforms her into a vampire. Bella accepts the proposal despite having an aversion to marriage. Bella one day figures out what is happing in Seattle. She soon realizes that the murders in Seattle are being committed by an “army” of newborn vampires, controlled by Victoria. In order to defeat Victoria and the newborn vampires, the Cullen family joins forces with the werewolf pack in order to beat the huge army. Edward ends up not joining in the fight in order to make Bella happy because she doesn't want him to fight and get hurt. As everyone prepares for battle, Edward, Bella, and Jacob camp up in the mountains to hide Bella. Seth Clearwater, who is a member of the werewolf pack, joins Edward, Bella, and Jacob to wait for the fight. In the early morning, Jacob overhears Bella and Edward talking about their engagement and he is devastated. Jacob threatens to join the fight and get himself killed. Bella feels terrible, and is begging Jacob to not go. In order to stop Jacob, Bella kisses Jacob and realizes that she is in love with him too. As the fight starts, Victoria ended up tracking Edward's scent to Bella, which forces Edward to fight. Edward ended up killing Victoria, as the rest of his family and the werewolves killed her army. After the fight, Bella explains to Jacob how she loves him, but she has a greater, and stronger love for Edward. After Jacob received a wedding invitation from Edward, Jacob runs away in his wolf form to escape the pain and anger he feels for Bella's choice to be with Edward, and become a vampire. Breaking Dawn follows this book, and I am currently still reading it, but it is very good from what I have read so far.

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