Review of Sweet Tooth

March 28, 2018
By Abbie_Miller BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Abbie_Miller BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The poem “Sweet Tooth” by Sofia Hines, talks about unhealthy relationships. It has me feeling surprised because it stands out by channeling her feelings and turning it into something great.  Sofia Hines wrote this poem very well by expressing herself through a metaphor. In the poem Hines explained how someone always cheated and lied to her: “you claim love but its lust in disguise and say whatever you must to get your prize” but she kept going back anyway. I agree with her because many people relate to this but are unwilling to admit it.  It opened up my eyes to see how others really treat each other and how they just take it in like it’s nothing.  Many teens see people struggling in a relationship, but it’s an everyday thing so they just let it be.  Instead of getting out of the relationship, the victims stay because they don’t know a different way to handle it.  Hines explains how unhealthy relationships can be an addiction, meaning they know it’s bad but they can’t help going back.  Hines says, “but I keep coming back – always had a sweet tooth.”  She knows it’s wrong but can’t help going back because she likes it and doesn’t know how to change her ways.  The poem “Sweet Tooth” by Sofia Hines surprised me because she is willing to speak what others couldn’t.

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