You Tell Me I Look Tired

March 28, 2018
By McKynzie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
McKynzie BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled "You Tell Me I Look Tired", written by Megan M., talks about how a guy hurt her.  Her writing lef me feeling something I can relate to.  This poem has an extremely deep message that comes though it.  Even though it is a short poem, the message and emotion is clear that someone hurt her very badly.  She states, “He cannot even look me in the eye to the damage he has done.”  Megan M. talks about how the boy cannot man up about what he has done to her.  She also says, “My broken watch tells a different story.”  This sentence of the short poem states that she believed that the boy wanted to be with her, but the boy just led her on the whole time.  This poem has a lot of meaning towards me because I too can relate to this poem.  The statement she is trying to get across is valid, about how many boys are just using girls for fun.  She makes the poem short, but the message extremely clear.

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