Dear Mother Earth

April 1, 2009
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Mother’s children die away
Something we can change.
Mother asks why today.
She finds it very strange.

She watches us dump
Garbage into her lake.
And she sees the stump
Of a tree that won’t wake.

She sees when we fill
Her gardens with rock.
Why do we find thrill
Filling them with block?

Her once giant ice caps
Now melt away
Yes she sees the gaps
Is this how we repay?

She sees the oil
That cover her seas
Why must we spoil?
Why make her earth bleed?

He air now turns grey
And black with exhaust.
She fears that one day
We will pay the cost.

The snow and her rain.
The tree in the park.
She first feels the pain.
Her world’s turning dark.

She watches and hopes
That one day we might see.
Until then she must cope
With that stump of a tree.

Our dear mother earth
Sits on the moon
Hurting in shame
And hurting in gloom
But maybe one day
Our world we’ll rebirth
So once more she’ll be happy
Our dear mother earth

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LiiliiSunshine said...
Apr. 25, 2009 at 1:05 pm
Hope you like it!
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