April 1, 2009
By laylalethal GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
laylalethal GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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We are built up by bones which empower us to walk, stand, and run. Yet, if we were built up by emotions, we would all without a doubt collapse

What a sweet curse
We as artists bear
We hold knowledge
Which to others we fail to share
We fear to hear their insight
On the truth which lays beyond
The truth to which they're blind
And, to simplicity, breaks the bond.
For man not darest know
The secrets to life itself.
For life as they know it is simple
They wish not to know it any way else.
Art is a curse for we see what others don't,
This key to us is given
It leads to all unknown
For this reason, its this key from others which is hidden
We try to hide our knowledge
Try to hide our fear
We know of our depression
Yet try to hide our tears
The truth is sad, its misery,
Its sorrow forever glistens,
So live your life in happiness, my friend,
For your ignorance is bliss.

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