March 26, 2009
By Ashley Brown-Joiner BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
Ashley Brown-Joiner BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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I fell in love with this boy who stayed down the street from me
I thought he was fly my future destiny
My best friend knew him I had her hook us up
I thought everything was fly but it ended up rough

He started abusing me calling me names
Putting me down making me feel insane
My friends started talking all this stuff behind my back
They wasn't even there and that was the one thing I lacked

My mom didn't know all this pain I was feeling inside
She suspected something but didn't seem to mind
My two lil sisters started pointing at the scratches
I put makeup on to hide all these things makeup started to fade and so did my dreams

One day I dreamt that my future was clear
A happy marriage and a booming career
That's all different now that I'm with him
Not for long cause I can't take this shyt

I broke up with him and my life was back on track
My friends started coming and the bruises didn't come back
Now that Im happy I learned never again to deal with these low down dirty men

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