final end

March 20, 2009
By ericl BRONZE, Hannibal, New York
ericl BRONZE, Hannibal, New York
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the sun is giving away to the night for a while. so befor it gos behind the horizon i just want to see one smile. I want the warm light to show me your shing face one more time. I want this moment to be sublime.

Please stop thes tears that create that a path of crystal upon your cheek. You arent one to show this weak side of your heart. I know you dount want me to leave here use my sleeve.

were running out of time fast even if we both wish this moment would last. I promuse youll see me agin. dount warry i have a plan.

Three, Two, Oen
The moment is gone.
I guess even till the very end
i was wrong
you were never really that strong.

Good bye my friend
be happy, you no longer
have to protend.

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