Character Sketch

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Sydney White is just a typical teenage girl. She is seventeen and can’t wait to get out of the house and just live on her own. She is the only child and has the attitude of a mean, spoiled brat. She always gets what she wants in life considering her parents are very rich. Her dad owns a food company that many people use in Australia. Sydney has blond hair and is very tan considering her house is right over the beach and always goes. Sydney is very girly and cares about her looks way too much. She is very pretty and also popular. She has a lot of friends and does many things with them. Her close friends are also very popular but most of them think of her as a spoiled brat and don’t exactly like her, they are just friends with her because of the popularity. In school, she gets very good grades but doesn’t plan on going to college.
Sydney has main two flaws. Her attitude towards everything is bratty. She always gets what she wants. Another is that she needs all the attention she could get or else she would freak out and run away, this is how she leads herself to the beach where she gets captured. She is not the kind of girl you would want to be a friend with.
Sydney’s parents are always gone at work meetings or out to dinner, so Sydney doesn’t get as much attention as she would want. She doesn’t have any siblings to be with either. For a pet, all she has a bird that she hates and wants to kill. She always leaves the house whenever she wants without telling anyone and gets into a lot of trouble with her friends. Her parents do not discipline her at all so Sydney feels like she could do anything she wants without getting in trouble. She is very scared of bugs, so Sydney isn’t a very outdoors person except when going to the beach. Just like everyone in Australia, she has a very heavy Australian accent.
Sydney and her family live in Australia in a huge house right over the beach just outside from the capital of Sydney, Australia. Her house consists of many rooms, which are mostly all filled with her stuff Sydney’s dream is to get out of Australia and go to the United Sates and live there, just to start a new life.

Character Sketch-Antagonist
Sea monster

This sea monster is just like any other monster you could think of. Definitely scary, and very big. But this one was worse. Then color of this beast was seen a deep purple and blue. No one really knows what this is but there was suspicious activity reported in the waters for many weeks before. People had seen something floating around that beach for weeks now, then there was a death reported, right on the same beach were a guy was swimming. As more time passes, more and more people are disappearing… now everyone learns that this crazy monster is on a killing spree deep within the black waters.

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