Someone's Life Is in Your hands

February 8, 2018
By CatchMyAudi BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
CatchMyAudi BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “Someone’s Life Is in Your Hands,” wriiten by Alexis Brown, talks about bullying others. I cannot relate to being bullied as much as Alexis has, but I do think the way she described how hurtful it can be is helpful to other who don’t understand. It really gets others to understand a lot better on how it truly feels. Her statement, “That person you’re judging? They’re held together with tape and glue.” This really gives a good perspective on how much someone can affect another’s life by words. I do understand a lot more now after reading this poem. This doesn’t just happen to Alexis. I have seen bullying occur at my school, but it doesn’t happen as often due to my being in a small school. Her arguments are valid. Bullying should never be allowed nor considered ok. Alexis’ statement of  “Don’t do anything for your fans” is an important statement that goes to show how many kids promote bullying to their freinds just so they can get a little laugh. Little do they know it affects the person severely.

The author's comments:

Bullying happens a lot and it needs to stop once and for all. This poem gives a good perspective of what the people getting bullied feels like. 

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