Review of "I'll Give You My Shoulders"

February 8, 2018
By alexis_hagerman BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
alexis_hagerman BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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"That which we manifest is before us."
-Garth Stein

The writing titled “I’ll Give You My Shoulders,” written by Whitney, talks about identity and the struggle to find oneself.  Her writing left me feeling empowered and understood.  The story she shares in this article goes far beyond her personal struggle with her sexuality and penetrates to the core of every reader who has struggled with any aspect of his or her identity.  She is able to reach such a vast array of not only teens but readers of all ages with an insightful metaphor.  Whitney compares our identities with a wall and goes on to say, “We can choose to punch and kick it…but the wall will stand waiting…for us to realize it is unbreakable, for us to accept it.”  By saying this, Whitney is explaining to the reader her own realization as well as leading readers to realize for themselves the fact that our identities cannot be changed, and once we accept them, it eliminates the pointless fighting we have done out of denial and ignorance.  When Whitney states, “Be brave, because only bravery can enable us to protect the people we love,” it surpasses the conscious mind and the outer emotions and hits all readers in the most vulnerable parts of their souls, of their identities.  Following this metaphor by reflecting on the emotions she has personally embraced leaves the readers with a confident and positive outlook on their own lives.  It also fills them with a sense of pride in the beautiful woman who brought her own story of struggle to the countless number of readers who can learn what it means to find themselves through another’s experiences.

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