February 8, 2018
By BenSeigman BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
BenSeigman BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing “Black,” written by Soler Bean, talks about how African Americans feel in America today. This writing left me shocked because the more differences stated among people creates a bigger divide among people. This writing explains the difficultly of being black in America, but putting labels on people creates a bigger divide among Americans. Bean states, “Being black is fantastic but the consequences that come with it are drastic.” This statement surprises me because being black doesn’t make a any less human, yet the way people react to problems determine how drastic your life is. Bean also states, “We get bullied for the same thing white people get praise for, black working mothers don’t make as much as white ‘twerking’ Instagram girls.” All Americans work for what they have; the color of your skin doesn’t determine a person’s work ethic. This story is written as a one-sided argument instead of stating real problems all Americans face.

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