Response to "The Last Goodbye"

February 8, 2018
By aubreyflorence BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
aubreyflorence BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The article “The Last Goodbye,” written by Rachel Dunn, talks about the passing of her father. Her writing left me feeling sympathetic at first but then later on a little confused. I started reading this article knowing that it would be sad, and I was correct. As I was reading, I started to put my own life into this circumstance, and I thought about how I would handle losing my own father. I can’t imagine the feeling of living without my father. I was even on the verge of tears when she said had finally announced what happened, and it was “he has been shot.” This article sounds like something that would happen in a movie, and Rachel Dunn did a nice job of projecting her emotions onto the readers and making them feel the way she does in a way. As the article was winding down, I read the last sentence, and she asks, “Why didn’t his black life matter?” That is the part that left me feeling confused and a bit triggered. As the author, Rachel Dunn, said, all cops take the risk every day they drive off in their patrol car. Dunn happened to leave out the detail about who shot him and how he was shot. A white cop could’ve most likely been shot in the same situation, or maybe not, but I guess we won’t ever know.

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