To the Girl Lacking Confidence

January 24, 2018
By Bwelshans BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Bwelshans BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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One of the biggest issues that our generation faces is the lack of confidence.


A lot of it has to do with letting jealousy run our hearts and minds. The voices of the world tell us that we're not good enough, not pretty enough, and not smart enough by virtue of those around us. We fall into the comparison trap.


"Well, if I were only a little skinnier, I would have made the team."
"She has a boyfriend before me because she's prettier than I am."

These examples are things girls have believed for too long. When we fall into the assumption that we won't ever be good enough, or won't ever measure up, we believe that we aren't worth it. Am I right?

At the core of who we are, we crave acceptance that comes from being loved and fitting in. And that totally makes sense, we're human.

It would be easy for me to write this, and tell you to lift your head, and walk in confidence everyday, but until you believe that you are worth it, it won't do any good. To satisfy the longing to be loved, we tend to grasp of people's love rather than God's. However, all those things we try and grab, won't fill us the way we think they will. In the end, they will only make us feel empty and more rejected.

Although winds of hurt and rejection blow, they cannot rip us apart when we are standing in the middle of Jesus' love. His love holds us together, grounds us, and it is a glorious weight preventing the harsh words and hurtful situations from being a destructive force inside of us. Because if our mind is so focused on fitting in, and trying to be confident, it will feast on that. When you flow in the love of Jesus, you flow in confidence.

It's time to become life-building people. It is time to start encouraging people with our words. This generation has the potential to be the one that truly loves people simply by being kind. Words either speak truth or speak lies. Let's stop the lies.

Friend, we must tie our identity to our unchanging, unyielding and undeniable loving God instead of this fleetly world. It's easy to live loved when we feel loved right? In the love of God's affection, we no longer have to live in fear of rejection.

His love is placed upon us, not based on us. Set your heart and confidence in the hands of the one that created you; you won't be disappointed.

The author's comments:

I have always found walking with confidence hard. Until I found who I was in Jesus, I didn't have true confidence. Find who you are in Jesus and you'll find who you are created to be. 

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