Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

January 23, 2018
By Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
Toualee SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"They say love is blind
oh baby you so blind"

“You’ll be fine, after all the bad things that happened, right?” This is  how it all started, Tyler, once a total nerd, changed after he got arrested. He didn’t expect it  was going to happened by any chance. Pulling a prank on the school same school that he’s in, that’s what he gets back, “handcuffs”. Now, Tyler, he’s different, he’s bigger  than before and stands up for himself.


Tyler is a 17 year old senior, slender and tall, he cares about his own problems which he doesn’t butt in other people’s problems. After the day he got arrested, no more geeky high schooler boy, no more nerdy talks, now it’s Tyler who’ll beat up people, doesn’t do homework, and interested in a girl. All he really want is just some peace and quiet in his life.


When he got invited to a party from his crush, a lot of bad things happened. Misconceptions, misunderstanding, and trust. His crush, Bethany was also interested in him and “things” happened in the room they’re in together. She was drunk and “things” shouldn’t have happened. In the next day, there were nude pictures of Bethany and  the people in the school thinks that Tyler was the one that did it.


I would recommend this book to teenagers. Since this book takes in a high school genre and in high school, a lot of unexpected things can happened. It’s a devastating book, Tyler had his ways but things just don’t want to end up that way. The harsh life that Tyler had, there were some good parts about it.


This book is stunning, intense, and the struggles that Tyler had experience really brings out how Laurie Halse Anderson writes her book. The feeling of reading the book brings out the reader’s curiosity, just wondering what’ll happen next. Twisted, a story of a teenager’s life that was messed up and unfair.

The author's comments:

What inspired me is that the book was really stunning and it was fun writting about it.

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