Is Popeye's Popcorn Shrimp Really Worth the Pop?

November 24, 2017
By Maria3h9 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Maria3h9 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Let's talk about Popeye’s popcorn shrimp. There are many different opinions on whether or not Popeye’s popcorn shrimp is good. In my opinion it’s the boom. But before we get to why I think it’s great, first let’s get down to how it’s advertised.  It is supposedly a “tender, crispy popcorn shrimp seasoned in Louisiana herbs and spices then served up crispy in our unique Southern-style breading.” It is severed as ¼ pound, has a total of 390 calories, sodium of 15 grams, and etc.

Now let’s move on to my opinion, now for me, as I have told you the popcorn shrimp at Popeye’s is great. For me the popcorn shrimp has a very nice texture, smell, and a great taste.

You can obviously tell that it has the form of a shrimp, which is very nice, instead of looking like a blob. The nice brown-ish color shows how fully cook it is. The popcorn shrimp has a nice crunch to it once you first bit into it. Once you bit into it, you can see the actually shrimp that's is inside, and you can tell that it's actually shrimp not just some fake shrimp around some crunchy stuff. Plus once that nice bit of popcorn shrimp hits your mouth all the flavors explode into your mouth. As if your mouth just got over run by popcorn shrimp. I don’t really taste the herds though, but I can taste a hint of different spices in it.

But what really brings it down is the price. Now the price for the popcorn shrimp is $4.99, depending on if there is a special offer. But all I know is that the price where I live it's $4.99 not everywhere has the same price but it used to be $3.99, but i'm not sure if that was just a special offer or what. But for $4.99 and ¼ a pound of shrimp, for the amount of shrimp you get isn’t really the best price in my eyes.

Overall, my opinion on the popcorn shrimp is that the taste is really good, and the way it looks when they serve it to you is amazing, but the price is really not the best. I mean I would pay $4.99 for popcorn shrimp, if it's really good. But if you’re the person who isn’t really crazy about speeding a bunch of money while you’re out to eat. Then probably the popcorn shrimp isn't for you. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t really care about the price as long as the quality of the food is worth it or you just don’t care about the price in general, then go ahead, knock yourself out. Just hope you enjoy their popcorn shrimp as much as I have.

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