Subway & Sandwiches

November 17, 2017
By Batcoon BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Batcoon BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Subway and its sandwiches are both very appealing to every sense that comes to mind. When I enter the building I get caught off guard by the sweet yet spicy aroma of the sandwich being made for the person in front of me. The order that was in front of me is done and I’m still mesmerized by the looks and smell of this place. I order, as a bit of drool coming out of my mouth. As the order has been placed there’s always an awkward moment where the employee and I are in silence but at that time I get time to look around. To my surprise, the facility has a bit of space compared to what it looks like from the outside. The food stand and mini fridge that holds soda bottles are both neatly ordered and aligned with each other. Once I hear the alarm of the oven beeping I turn around ready to add any other condiments that I want. After it is all done the employee hands me the sandwich like if it were a video game and the sandwich was some sort of epic sword that is rare to get later to take the sandwich, throw a 20 dollar bill all the while running to my vehicle.

If you’re like me you wait till you’re in your sacred spot *cough, your room* to eat your hard-earned sandwich. As I take the sandwich out of the bag not only do I see that the sandwich is beautiful but also that it is wrapped in a double layer of paper that along with the bag is recyclable. Throwing the papers to the side I stare at the sandwich like if it were my first and only loved like some sort of character from a soap opera. After a bit, I take the first bite out of it savoring every single detail about it. Feeling the sensation run through my mouth as in my left hand is the sandwich still warm because I sped through the streets to get to my “sacrificial altar” to feed the beast.

Thinking back to when I bought the sacrificed lamb I realize that the interior of the restaurant was really nice. The colors were soothing to my eyes and the area wasn’t small enough to make me feel enclosed or uncomfortable. The lighting also calming and not bright to the point where I had to squint. Nowadays most Subway restaurants have been modified to help the economy and saving over 18.1 million gallons of water each year. Apart from the interior design of the area it the product itself doesn't look all that well when all you see the employees do is just plop the ingredients making it look like it's about to fall over but that exact thing is great because that usually means they added more of some ingredients even though they're supposed to only put a limited amount. Even though it does look a bit deformed a couple of times it would always look better than some other restaurants that lie about how the product looks *cough McDonald's*.

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