The Day my School was Bombed

October 24, 2017
By nhurst2021 BRONZE, Defiacne, Ohio
nhurst2021 BRONZE, Defiacne, Ohio
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The writing titled “The Day my School was Bombed” written by Zeina Aboushaar, talks about her school being bombed and how she escapes. I think it’s incredibly sad that we still have wars and events like this. Luckily, the teacher told her students to “run” which was probably the best choice. Staying in that building while it was being bombed probably would have been disastrous. It’s incredibly sad that soldiers came “crashing” in and stopped all the students and tried to keep the students from running away. How can anyone bring themselves to do that? At the end of the story, I was happy to hear that the two got away and even made it to the United States. It makes me feel really lucky to be born in the United States.

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