Meadows Music and Arts Festival Review

April 7, 2017

October 2, 2016. This was a day Kygo stole the show, Chance the Rapper brought us all to somewhere in paradise, the 1975 had everyone loving someone, and many more artists let the thousands of people at the Meadows Music and Arts Festival wanting an encore. At Meadows, over thirty artists were able to come to the same location and perform on one of the four stages set up at Citi Field in Queens, New York. Fans from all over gathered to hear not only their favorite bands and artists perform, but also become exposed to new genres, people, and songs. Whilst jamming out to your favorite song, you are able to go to any of the fifty two food trucks, with food spanning from pizza to lomaine to boba tea. Whatever you were in the mood for was at your fingertips, hot and ready to eat.

This all day festival could’ve been considered a big party. Thousands gathered at each stage to support the artists’ dreams, making them their realities. Everyone was on their feet dancing until they couldn’t move any longer. The artists’ clearly talented voices were slightly tainted by the crowds of fans singing every word off key, yet not only did nobody care, but everyone else would join along too. The Meadows Music and Arts Festival was an unforgettable 12 hours spent with 4,000 strangers that were all there celebrating the arts and music alike. The air filled only with happiness, lyrics, and fireworks, surrounded everyone. No matter your age, your appreciation for music is embraced and accepted. All around, crowds of many block your view and lines of people just waiting to get a shirt or hat for proof of entrance is all you see. Tall, small, young, old: there’s no place better to be.

The music featured at Meadows ranges from pop to indie to rap, but no matter what genre, all performers are there to do just that, perform. They all put on a show, some with lights, fireworks, and images, and others with just themselves and their raw talent on stage, no distractions. Atmospheres vary at every stage, some people swaying to sounds of violin accompaniment, others fist pumping and screaming any and all the words known of that song. No matter where you went, the overall mood is joy. No crying or pouting, just smiles and laughter and singing.

No matter who you are or what music you listen to, the Meadows Music and Arts Festival is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all. So, let your countdown begin to next year.

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