Run Free, Klammer

March 3, 2017

In the writing titled "Run Free, Klammer" written by Erik M., I felt sorrowful about his dog having to be put down. It left me felling heartbroken. Cancer is a horrible thing. No one can stop it at all, and all of sudden it just hits you. Klammer was a playful dog, always playing and running around. Then, cancer struck him and he was never the same. They never gave him the chance to battle it and to live another day. My aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer about four years ago; she was on vacation, perfectly fine, then all of sudden it hit her. They told her she didn’t have six months to live. Well, she lived for two years and before she finally lost the long bitter battle. After Klammer died and arrived in Heaven, “he’s running free in those fields he used to dream about.” She’s probably doing the same thing too; laughing, dancing, and liver her life just how she would have wanted to on Earth. She is now “pain free, forever.”

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