March 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Which to choose, Dell?, Gateway?, or the Macs?, whatever the choice may be the cost of each of these is quite a bit. At Chase County High School in the year of 2006 each student received a Dell laptop to use during their high school years. Now it is approximately 4 years later and the lease of the laptops will expire at the end of this school year, should the school sign another lease on new computers? Most of you would probably agree with me with this following statement. Yes, the school should sign another lease on new computers.

Some people may think that these laptops are disruptive, because students play games on these, get on websites when they are not supposed to and many other things that fall into this category. Other people may think different to this, such as the superintendent in the school of Vail, Arizona which stated the following, 'The quality of education still has to be about things like hard work, self-discipline and outstanding teaching -- with laptops becoming a natural part of the classroom, just as they have become a natural part of workplaces across America.' (Beardsley, Nancy) A well stated statement I believe and very well said. At this school, everyone believes that the computers have been a big asset to their every day lives.

These laptops I believe are positive. I know that when I received my laptop I was very glad to know that I would have it help me keep track of my papers, and help with doing research for a class. Now junior in the English III class I know we use these laptops a lot, they help write essays or do worksheets in a much neater way. I believe that it also not only helps us in keeping things organized but helps the teachers also. As stated by Malissa, ' If the school does not continue with this program, classes such as art, computer science, English, web team, geometry, biology, Spanish, history, and speech would be very difficult since students would not have laptops to carry with them, and would have to finish the work at school.' (Martinez, Malissa)

Some families depend on these laptops for many things such as, checking grades, research etc. I know that if it weren't for the laptops we got at school; not only I but my family would have no access to a computer. I being the second child of three am not the only one that needs access to a computer, there have been days when my younger sister asks me to let her use my laptop to find research for a class. My mother also likes to get on the laptop to check up on our grades and see what classes we need to work on, and if it weren't for the laptops my mother would have to access to these grades.

These different reasons stated above are reasons why I believe that the school should sign another lease on new computers and keep using this system throughout the years. Not only are they an asset to a student, but also to the teachers, and to the parents.

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on Jul. 12 2011 at 11:33 am
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