March 10, 2009
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When working or catching up on school assignments, I'm always sure to have something playing in my ear. Music seems to stimulate me and it also helps me maintain my focus. I recently broke my I-pod, which really sucks. So I have to rely on music websites such as 'youtube', 'imeem', or 'esnips'. But when you're not working on a high speed computer, the streaming and buffering can be a PAIN!

So why not try a radio. But seriously who would actually plug in a radio when sitting on the computer?! That's so old school and outdated. So I decided to Google for some other websites for music. And that's where I found it! A stress-free online radio, with such a catchy name. 'Jango' is an awesome online radio that allows you to listen to just about any genre of music that you please. You can even save your favorite songs. And the best part about it no BUFFERING! I recommend for everyone to use this site; old, young, happy or sad; it really doesn't matter. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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