Fruitless Facts

January 13, 2009
By Lisa Treuden, Hartland, WI

The A.C. Nielson Co. conducted a comprehensive study about the amount of television the average American watches. The basic conclusion was that America watches too much T.V. Although, the people who carried out this study seem very zealous about this topic, I think the article as a whole was fruitless.

The bulk of the article was an inundating amount of statistics that were broken down into categories. Even though it was informative, this article lacked a solution. Yes we can corroborate that America watches too much T.V., but that is the peoples’ choice. The article also states that 49% of the population admits to watching too much T.V. If that is true, then they should just stop watching. An article telling you that watching four hours of T.V. a day is bad isn’t going coerce you to change your habits. The other poignant statistic about the children who would rather watch T.V. than spend time with their parents is also insignificant. If parents choose to let their children gain such an egregious habit it is their own fault.

The A.C. Nielson Co. seemed very sanguine about stopping this increasing trend of informative yet garbled statistics. However, I see no reason to make such an article because an article of statistics is not going to change people. People change for themselves and when it is convenient. If this corporation wants change, they will need to not be so phlegmatic about it and stop these habits before they begin.

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