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December 1, 2008
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets on one side of a homemade or purchased postcard. People who send there secrets in send them to the man who founded PostSecret, Frank Warren. Frank Warren lives in Germantown, Maryland. The secrets mailed in are sent directly to Frank Warren’s house.
This is where he personally reads all the secrets submitted and chooses the one’s to add to the site. The PostSecret website is updated every Sunday and is open to anyone who is interested. The secret’s sent in are often very touching and influential. The PostSecret community is one that is very hard to find in today’s society. The people involved are there to help and at times right around the corner from you. Not only does Frank Warren post the secrets on the website but he also has created four books that contain PostSecrets. These books are found in any book store and are also on A new trend that has developed among the community with the PostSecret books is that people will write their secrets on a napkin, receipt or piece of paper and place it in one of the PostSecret books. Also, Frank Warren goes on tour each year and speaks to groups of people about PostSecret. The most personal way to talk to people who enjoy and partake in the PostSecret project is to become a part of the chat that is located in a link on the PostSecret website.
PostSecret is worldwide and at times a place where you can go and escape and be someone’s hero or best friend. I highly recommend getting involved with PostSecret. To talk to Frank Warren or view the tour dates and PostSecrets go to It will be worth the time.

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