Floppy Vs. Flash

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous


New or old, there are still many sources of removable storage. Flash drives in my opinion are the easiest way to store information. Floppy disks are not as portable and easy. These days you normally have to add it and pay extra. Flash drives can hold up to the capacity of 5 floppy disks. Also, you can remove/delete info that you do not need. Floppy disks in my opinion are too big and not as portable as flash drives. Reliability is also low on floppy disks. I think you are better off with flash, not a floppy disk.


A large square disk, not as portable, and most computers from 21st century do not include floppy drives.


The flash drive has built in USB access. It is the only way that you can use a flash drive. Most 21st century model desktops and notebooks have many built in USB ports. Some are easily accessed from the front of the P.C.

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