October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I am a freshman, young, willing, goofy. It is homecoming week! I am so excited this year has been perfect…so far. I am on the “A” honor roll for the first time in my life! My friends are great, and on top of everything…I met a guy!

The first two days of homecoming week, I have dressed up so crazy! I mean heck who wouldn’t be excited, going from a weird kid no one liked… to a beautiful person. For costume day I had a brilliant idea; I would be my big brother. So the night before, I went down stairs to my brothers room to ask him if I could barrow some clothes. He was talking to his girlfriend so I slipped him a note under the door hoping he would see it. Luckily he did and he threw some shorts, shirts, shoes, and hats at me saying pick; so I did and gave him the stuff back I didn’t want and left.

The next day, “costume day” my brother is upstairs watching TV, I come out to show him how alike we look, but him being the boy and big brother he is just repeats the same words: “your such a ---, you lil punk” but today it just makes me laugh.

The whole day, well until 7th hour I was seeing him after every class which is strange; I never saw him that often. Then during 7th hour people keep asking me if I’m OK and why am I still in school. My replies are calm “I’m fine and because its not 3:20 yet.”

The tardy bell for 8th hours rings and I am in choir talking to my friends as usual, then a lady comes down from the office and talks to Mr. Mead for a few minutes. Then he tells me to follow her. So like a good girl I do what I am told. But on my way down to the office I see my brother’s girlfriend crying in the commons hall waiting for someone to pick her up. She wont tell me what’s wrong; I’m getting nervous..

Mr. Hofrock, the schools police officer, takes me outside he looks nervous, he is sweating and stuttering over his words. He tells me these exact words:

“Your brother went home today and there seems to have been an accident”
At first I thinl that he got sick and went into a coma and my mom got so upset that she had a heart attack and now they are both in the hospital.

But then words that I never thought to hear in my life are said. Once I heard these words it was as if the world left me:
I am Alone in a dark room,
No cars drive by,
No kids play in the street,
Everything is
Then in the darkness I keep hearing my name, finally I jerk back into my reality …and I realize that I am on the ground screaming and crying I pound on the school doors trying to get back to life where it is Normal. Where I don’t have to worry…where I’m not Forgotten.

But the officer keeps pulling me away to his car so I can be with my Family. “Family” that word will never sound the same to me again.

After we get to my house police cars are everywhere, I step out of the car, my dad comes running out yelling “My Baby My Baby!!”
I go in the house people are everywhere I look at my mom on the couch she is

Then I realize that the words that hurt me so much are actually true, my worst fears are placed on me.
My brother…is dead.

The author's comments:
This is about how i found out that my brother had died.... it was really hard to write cause all the other kids in my class where writing not about of something so serious... so i took the work home...and i found out what i wanted to write about and it turned out really good, im very proud of my work

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