Poetry For Young People-Edgar Allen Poe

February 17, 2009
By Samantha Prescott BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Samantha Prescott BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Edgar Allen Poe is a world famous author of not only stories; but wonderful life grasping poetry. He has written poems such as?

Eldorado; a poem that tells the tale of a gallant knight in search of Eldorado. But when the knight grows old he hadn?t even seen any ground that might as well in the slightest fact be labeled as Eldorado. As he grew older he meets a pilgrim shadow that tells that if wants to seek Eldorado he must keep riding.

To ________; is a poem that tells of a girl, nameless, that is being told to be herself and the world will take it as a priority to love her. So I take it as a girl that I would consider a faux. And that she needs to be more? real.

Edgar Allen Poe also wrote poems in a form of an excerpt form from his stories such as; The Tell-Tale heart, The Black Cat, the Masque of the Red Death, and the Pit and The Pendulum.

The Black Cat; a cat is killed by his owner by first the lost of an eye then the hanging in the back yard! He then finds a new cat just the same only alive? Edgar Allen Poe then kills his wife and stacks her in a wall of bricks. The new cat finds his way in and when the police come to search an eerie growl arose out of the wall. And then the police end the tale?

The author's comments:
some of edgar allen poe's poems and storys might be grim, but the are HISTORY...

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