death it self must be stopped

January 17, 2009
By Azuma BRONZE, Rosewood Hights, Illinois
Azuma BRONZE, Rosewood Hights, Illinois
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Death it self must be stopped a way to hide from the shadowy darkness that
surrounds you in your sleep the creepy feeling you get when you dont know
when or what is coming for you death it self has no reason to fear nothing
for death can be scared of but one thing and that is death it self but dont
be scared shut your eyes take a deep breath let it out slowly count to ten
and lie there doing nothing it will pass peicefully as if nothing even
happened to you death cant be controled but maybe tampered with death is no
fool all though if you believe than you will recieve the gift of ever
lasting life and defet death by making death dont hide your feelings from
the world from the darkness with in you death has to come some time for
your soul so be aware dont blink and dont be scared it makes it worse

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