Vassarette Lingerie

January 13, 2009
By Lindsey Hanaway, Sussex, WI

This Vassarette Lingerie ad was created to sell sexy lingerie. The targeted audience is sexually active women who are physically fit and materialistic. Men could also be the target, as they would buy this lingerie to help their women fell better about themselves while they can also “feel better” by getting more sexual activity.
The woman modeling the lingerie is white, but this has little to do with the targeted audience because on the next page for the same lingerie ad, a black woman is modeled. The targeted audience is wealthy females and few males of any race between the ages of 14-30.
The woman in this ad has a lean stomach and contoured abs and arms. On her chest is written “may all your bad hair days go unnoticed.” This implies people won’t notice her other imperfections because they’ll be too focused on how sexy her breasts and butt look in this fabulous lingerie. This ad wants to make you believe if you purchase this lingerie, you will be a stronger, confident women and all your stress will just slip away.
The woman in this ad is also standing with one hand on her hip and her opposite shoulder forward. This stance screams sexy confidence and a strong sense of knowing who you are. From the teen years and to the early twenties, women are continuously trying to figure out who they are. This lingerie suggests it is the ticket to a stronger sense of self-worth and confidence.
Another aspect of this ad is the woman’s breast size. She obviously doesn’t have a lot going on up there, but she still shows off what she has and the bra makes them appear larger and perfectly shaped. This will lead teens to believe this bra will enhance the breasts the have with the push up of this bra. With that, this ad says if you don’t have it, fake it. It doesn’t promote younger girls to be happy with what they have and to try to pretend they are something they are not to impress others.
This ad puts a strong glorification on sex. There is already enough teenage pregnancies and this is just trying to raise the statistic. By making it appear that large breasts define sexy guys will pay attention to you, thinking sex is your goal. It makes young girls feel like they should wear sexy clothes and sleep around to boost their self-esteem. When this might have short term success, it will eventually wear the person down and make them feel completely used. This ad suggests if you have sex it will make you forget about all your other problems. This just promotes unhealthy relationships that solely rely on sex above personality.
This ad uses sex and gorgeous people to try to tempt their audience into buying a product. However, if you need a bra and panties to feel good about yourself, you are finding happiness in the wrong things.

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