Amoco Ultimate fuel at BP

January 12, 2009
By Katie Jacunski, Hartland, WI

This ad was created by Amoco Ultimate fuel at BP to sell gasoline. This ad is targeted to middle age men (around 25-40), who own their own car and like to take care of it.
There is no set price on gasoline and the price per barrel varies. The text refers to the car as a girl and suggests she it is bored and dirty. The ad says “Your engine would like to inform you, she’s bored. And, a little dirty.” The engine is dirty and BP fuel will help clean it, by cleaning harmful deposits and buildup in the cars engine.
This ad is referring to the car and how “she’s” dirty and bored and wants something new and different to help “her” run better. The lifestyle presented, is one of people who care what goes into their car. They value keeping your car clean so it will run.
In this ad, symbols are used: the car represents a girl, because in the text it states that “she’s” dirty and bored.
Amoco is suggesting in order to keep your cars engine healthy, you should use BP fuel to get rid of harmful deposits that may build up on vital engine parts. When you use the fuel fewer deposits in the engine can help your car accelerate smoother and your engine last longer.

What this ad isn’t telling you is that, you don’t know what kind of car is in this ad. Is it a truck or an expensive automobile? How old is the car? In this ad it doesn’t give the viewer much information on the product. Is this fuel more expensive then other fuels because it does more for your car then other fuels do?

In the ad, Amoco is trying to get you to buy their gas by telling you, your car is bored and dirty. Overall the company doesn’t give much information about the product or how you can find information about this product. However, if Amoco puts more information on their next ad they might get more people to buy their product, because they will know what they are putting in to “her.”

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