Secret Deodorant

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The advertisement was created by Procter and Gamble to sell Secret deodorant. This ad targets young women between the ages of 18-30.
A beautiful, young woman is dancing in a nightclub with other people in the backdrop dancing. She is wearing this product and is not bothered by anyone. The company used a young, beautiful, woman in their ad to state the following ad text: “Hot’n unbothered,” and “When things get super hot, keep your cool. Get prescription strength wetness protection without a prescription.” The text implies that by wearing this deodorant people will not be bothered by embarrassing perspiration and body odor.

The advertisement picture shows a model dressed in red trendy clothing. She is wearing make-up and fancy accessories around her neck. In the ad, there is a seductive website a “” It implies that women who use this deodorant will be desirable.

Is there a lifestyle being portrayed by using this deodorant? Yes. Anyone can wear deodorant to smell good; however, if a person uses Secret deodorant not only will they smell good, but they will look good too. The model demonstrates sexiness and hotness to the audience by wearing this deodorant. Why? Glamour. The ad implies that she is glamorous because she uses deodorant and ignores the fact that her attractiveness has nothing to do with deodorant.

No brand of deodorant makes a person smell better or worse. They all have the same basic chemicals to stop perspiration and camouflage body odor. Going into a nightclub and dancing makes most people sweaty in spite of wearing deodorant. People can still be bothered by self-awareness of their perspiration and body odor.
Glamorization is being implied in that the model in the ad is not bothered by sweat because she looks good. People value being objects of envy by the same sex or opposite sex. The Secret “Hot’n unbothered” ad is an attempt to convince young women they can achieve this goal by using Secret deodorant.

The attention getter in this ad is a beautiful woman with a low-cut dress who is looking down at Secret deodorant placed over the center of her breast, immediately adjacent to the lower apex of her plunging neckline. Her eyes, long sexy hair, lavish necklace, ruby red lips, long eyelashes, and her smile point to the Secret deodorant. Everything about the model is sexy, and it is implied in the strategic position of the deodorant stick on the advertisement page that the model’s sexiness is attributed to Secret deodorant, or, at least, that is what the advertisement would like the readers to believe. This is an example of an everyday personal hygiene product being made glamorous through the use of sexually-oriented advertising for the purposes of convincing consumers to choose one brand of a product versus another.

The question remains as to what is actually going on behind the scenes. A person cannot judge if the woman produced sweat or not simply from looking at the ad. There is no way to know if the woman dancing in the nightclub had just started to dance, or there is also the possibility that the woman posing to sell the product and was not dancing at all. Futhermore, there is no way to determine from viewing this ad whether or not the woman was actually wearing Secret deodorant.

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