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January 12, 2009
By Ashley Loroff, Hartland, WI

This ad was created by Paul Mitchell to sell hair products. His ad also states that if you buy his products you will help support Uganda. This print ad was used to target young, white women who want there hair to look good. They use a beautiful woman in the ad. She is young, no older than 25. Women, ages 18-30, are drawn to this ad. Mitchell claims products aren’t that expensive, but it makes your hair look stylish, so any women can afford it. The target ethnicity is white women because in their campaign ads, only white women are used.

The article portrays a wealthy lifestyle. Paul Mitchell suggests you will look beautiful and sexy with his products. This is a demeaning ad. They are saying that you will look good only if you but Paul Mitchell products. In the ad they only have one white woman with her hair styled with the product. Women will look at this ad and buy the product because they think it will make you look sexy, like the women in the ad.

This ad engraves the concept that beauty is about perfection: being skinny, looking young, and having perfect hair. The woman in the article portrays all three things as well as sending the message that you should help support Uganda. The article shows this by having a young, white woman with her hair styled by Paul Mitchell products.

The article also states, “Go against the grain. Act for Africa, pass it on.” They are trying to persuade you to buy the product. If you do buy the product you will help support people in Uganda. How do you know if this is true? The article may say you will help support people in Uganda, but you don’t know where your money is going. This is not the only message they are trying to get though.

A message that beauty is everything is being stated. It starts with the hair. You will only get good looking hair with Paul Mitchell products. You can also tell by her body. She is holding up a sign that covers the top half of her body, but shows off her legs and how good they look.

In this ad, Paul Mitchell is trying to convince you of two things: he is saying that beauty is the only look and you will look beautiful if you use Paul Mitchell products. He is also stating that if you buy, his products, you will help support Uganda. He portrays this by using a young, white woman who is beautiful, and is holding up a sign in front of her body.
The article should be more precise on what they are trying to say. You look at the ad and you don’t know what they are trying to sell. It’s confusing when it is talking about supporting Uganda. They should just take that out and try to sell the product more. They don’t have a picture of the product, so they should add it to the ad to make it better.

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