Weber's Camo Leather Goods

January 13, 2009
By Joe Kurkiewicz, Hartland, WI

This is an advertisement for a company by the name of “Weber’s Camo Leather Good’s.”
They are celebrating their 10th anniversary of successful business. It features a brown leather jacket to show what they have. The target audience seems to be for white people in their 40s and older. They use Hall-of-Fame Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant as a model in one of their leather jackets. It places a quote, apparently spoken by Grant, which says, “I love my Weber’s Jacket.” Obviously they’re trying to provoke older men to get one because a famous person has one.

The designers of the jacket give it an old style look, which leads us to believe they’re trying to make older people think they would look good in a jacket like this one. It doesn’t list the price. It just has Grant, the jacket, what the products are made of, and a list of other things like frames/photo albums, wallets, dog collars, and flasks that people can buy from Weber’s.

The only thing that can be considered bad or unhealthy is the fact they’re trying to say that if you purchase a jacket, you will look good for an older person. They could also be saying that an older person will look hot if they have one of them. What makes a person look good doesn’t come from a dumb leather product.

Something not told by the ad is the quality of the products. One day someone will buy a product from Weber’s, but two days later it might tear or break. The company may just be selling cheap product to try and rip people off and say it’s their responsibility and their fault if the product fails.

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