A poem for Mom

They all noticed you, When you were carriying me
The life inside you,Which was soon to be
September 24,1991 was the date it all begun.
"Its a Boy" they said, you were so proud, How could a mother not smile
A life she help create, hoping, Parying I would see 8,
Months sick, because my respiratory quit.
Put on more machines than Neo in the Matrix.
Your first boy and Third child, That really made you smile.
As I grew up,thats when the fun started.
being all silly acting all retarded.
Opposite of the first child, which busted a bubble.
Doing a lot of bad stuff got me in some trouble.
You are a great mother a queen and supream giver.
Always smiling and never bitter.
With love that runs deep like marrow in bones.
Your the opposite when I type 6-6-6 and you answer the phone.

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