A poem for Mom

January 8, 2009
By Carlos Clay, Grandville, MI

They all noticed you, When you were carriying me
The life inside you,Which was soon to be
September 24,1991 was the date it all begun.
"Its a Boy" they said, you were so proud, How could a mother not smile
A life she help create, hoping, Parying I would see 8,
Months sick, because my respiratory quit.
Put on more machines than Neo in the Matrix.
Your first boy and Third child, That really made you smile.
As I grew up,thats when the fun started.
being all silly acting all retarded.
Opposite of the first child, which busted a bubble.
Doing a lot of bad stuff got me in some trouble.
You are a great mother a queen and supream giver.
Always smiling and never bitter.
With love that runs deep like marrow in bones.
Your the opposite when I type 6-6-6 and you answer the phone.

The author's comments:
If you type the the 6 digit on your phone 3 times it spels mom

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