My one day

December 15, 2008
By David Leigh, Park City, UT

A peaceful night upon my new blue boat waiting for the sun to rise over the flat pacific horizon. Sleepless hours of waiting and thinking what will happen tomorrow, what could happen I’m wondering. Will I sink, catch a big fish, fall over board and watch m boat float towards the horizon so many questions and so many things that could happen until finally sleep overwhelmed me. The following morning I wake to the cold salty air filling my lungs the sun not even being up yet. I hurry on deck and to the cockpit to turn on my weather radar and radio it’s supposed to be a nice sunny day. After checking to see if anything was damaged or out of order I went and got some breakfast. Now with nothing left to do I decide to fish for my lunch. After catching a big fat tuna I tended to m cockpit to look out over the ocean one of the things my father taught me is to always keep a lookout for something that doesn’t seem right spotting nothing I read my book. It was about an hour before the radar found something in the distance, looking in that direction I see a massive storm front heading right to my position and the closet island is to the east directly where I’m going I push the throttle to fifty knots hoping to beat the storm now all I can do is wait. It was about a half-hour before the storm was a half mile from where I’m headed how lang before it hits. Not even twenty minuets pass before the storm is right above me I finally remember one very important fact the weather always changes. In those last forty minuets I prepared for this storm knowing what could happen. In this storm I encountered 35 foot high waves and heavy rain. I now encounter the bad part one of the ropes for the sail was became untied and I needed to fix it or the sail could fall and I could have no way to get home have no way to get home. once I am outside the rain is heavier than I thought, when I finally get to the broken sail rope and tie it up I start to head back to the cockpit. Once inside I grab the wheel and hold it tight to keep my ship steady. After 10 minuets there was still no sign of the storm residing so I had to keep waiting. Wondering when this will end and tired I hadn’t noticed that the ship had turned off course and is now sideways with the waves,before I can turn a wave flips the boat and I go into darkness. I wake up in the hospital with a small concussion and I found out I washed up on the beach and someone brought me here I will always remember my first and last day I went sailing and survived.

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david l. said...
on Jan. 16 2009 at 3:55 pm
there are a few misspelled words


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