December 10, 2008
By Brodee Landmark, Elkton, SD

I chose to review the famous fast food restaurant McDonalds. I visited the restaurant this weekend and sat down and had a meal there, and here is what I noticed. When I walked in first appearance is very important and I was impressed. It was clean and neat, nothing was unsightly and nothing was out of place. Then when I walked up to the counter to place my order. The next thing I noticed was the courtesy of the cashier and the organization of the order menu. The cashier was very polite and patient, and when I asked him about a certain item he explained what it was and all the good stuff. Then it was also very nice when he asked if there was anything else I wanted. He gave me my receipt and said he would call me when it was ready.
When I was waiting for my food, I went and filled my cup up with my choice of beverage. Then I placed my cup on the table and a bus type person came and wiped it clean really quickly for me. Then when my food was ready they called my name and said thank you and gave it to me. When they noticed there were no napkins on my tray, they gave me some and a cookie. I was very impressed with the service and tidiness of McDonalds.
The food was also very well prepared. I was always under the impression that they did not make them fresh, but mine tasted very fresh and very good. The pop and other beverages were not watered down either. Another thing I was impressed with is the fact that they have several television sets in the restaurant for the consumers’ entertainment along with a game thing for the children. Overall I was very pleased and impressed with the service and all the other aspects. I would recommend it to other people who have not been there.

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