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October 29, 2008
By Jerika Murphy, Columbia, MO

Some of my favorite words are, negative, coolio, frizzle, and muscles. Negative is one of my favorite words because, every time someone asks me a yes or no question I tend to always say negative (in that superwoman kind of tone J). An example of when I used the word negative would be, when I walked down the stairs to my physics class I was stopped by one of my best friends and asked “ are you going to the Halloween dance tonight?’’ and my response was “that would be a negative!’’. Also coolio is one of my favorite words. Coolio is one of my favorite words because, it makes me feel like I was a part of history in the hippie times. Another example of when I used this word would be when my mom asks weather or not I like this shirt or I like these pants or any kind of clothing article on her I always say that looks coolio on you or that’s coolio. It may not be the last word but frizzle is an awesome word too. This word would be my favorite word because, it sounds in depth about the world and you could use it to describe about anything you would want to. I say this word every chance I get, at home, school, in the car, at my friends houses, and even in my sleep. Very last but most certainly not least another one of my favorite words is muscles. every time I see someone or talk to them they make fun of me because it makes me cringe. The ways people say it and the way it sounds makes me cringe because, the letters put together or something makes my head tingle. Describing this word makes me sound like I really dislike this word but it is my most certainly favorite word ever . Even though these words are my favorite words I would have to say there are many more in my vocabulary . I may not be a hippie, a perfect person, or superwoman these are some of my most favorite words in my long listed vocabulary!

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