I Am Somebody

October 28, 2008
By Brianna Brown, Tucson, AZ

Why do i dwell on what my mom has done in the past,and allow myself to be in her positionand be self consiously miserable?im suppose to be better then that but having neglective feelings wont let my brain concieve thoughts that will help me be better then her.Sometimes i feel as if when i talk to god theres no one listening they say you can only get help out of a tough situation only when your ready to help yourself, but i've been wanting for years and trying to help myself get out of this small contained area that im in,my life is like a nonfictional book that has three big bolt locks on it,
"I will no longer tolerate being responsiblefor my moms mistakes", is what i always catch my self saying...............(laugh) ha but my words never takes action.
nor does my voice, i hurt the people that i loved and betrayed the people who tried to love me,
i try to stay away from "indirect" people but it sems like any where i go those are the folks i catch my self hangin around with.
I differ from a lot of teen in this demented place we call "Society" see the difference between me and other people is that i've learned that my hectoc trdgeties and k-otic burdons, is all just a stage that people my age go through that will only get better and make me stronger in the end.
so until im lying six feet under....

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