An evening at nanna's and pawpaws

October 27, 2008
By Deja Lewis, Charlotte, NC

I run up stairs and ring the door bell about 3 time’s ding dong ding dong ding dong. Then finally my nana would open the door. I would give her a quick hug then run to the back room, there he was sitting in his favorite chair in the house the green futon watching TV. That’s how a lot of my evenings went when I was in pre-k-2nd grade. My momma worked third shift at the hospital and sometimes daddy had to stay at his office and file invoices and stuff like that. My younger brother and sister and I went to nana and paw-paw’s. My mom would drop us off and head to work and dad would pick us up Later. Sometimes we would go in the back room and watch nickelodeon, our favorite show was sponge-bob I remember singing along to the theme song with my sibs. But some times
I would go in the other room and snuggle up next to paw-paw and he would share gummy bears with me while we watched TV. When he would get thirsty while it was a commercial he would get up take a big stretch then scratch his back on the wall like he was Baloo from the jungle book, we would hold our sides and laugh when he did that. We used to love when pawpaw he would play crow bite with us. This was a family thing if you weren’t in the family and you saw us you’d think we were a bunch of crazy people pinching each other. But to us it was different; Mamma said he did that when her and her brothers were little to. Paw-paw would make his hand like a beak and pinch your arms and legs we did him the same, and every time you pinch some one you say crow bite! He would also wrestle with us he loved wrestling and his favorite move he would do was The Claw He would put his hand over your face and grab his wrist the squeeze your face and yell THE CLAW!
Even though he liked to play he made sure we knew right from wrong and our bible stories. He would pop one of us on his lap and read us a story out of the book of bible story book. It was in our best interest to listen because he had questions later and he also had a switch and he would cut legs.
My nana cooks the best food my paw-paw would grub it down especially fish, then he would wash it down with a big glass of coke after that he would let out the grossest biggest burp you’d never want to smell or hear, he was our role model when it came to this soon after he burped we would chime in with our pipsqueak burps. Then nana would scold at us for bad table manners. Though she tried to be serious a giggle would always slip. Paw-paw gave the best hugs when it was time to leave he would give us a big ol bear hug then give us a kiss on our fore heads. We would all say ewww! Or gross and try to wipe it off. Then he would say ‘’nope it don’t come off’’ Why? We would ask ‘’its permanent it last forever. I just shrugged it off and told I loved him and bye, I didn’t really understand why I wouldn’t come off .But now I do and his kiss still remains on my fore head I’ll cherish it forever.

The author's comments:
This is about the thingsi did with my grandfather before he died

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