Reading: A great hobby

October 24, 2008
By tierney tubergen BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
tierney tubergen BRONZE, Cedar Springs, Michigan
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Reading is one of the many ways to entertain yourself. If you are in the middle of a good book, you always have something to look forward to. Reading is also a great way to expand your imagination and knowledge.
Reading can help your creative ideas flow. You may also receive a better vocabulary. Authors use a very big variety of words in their books to help get their message across more clearly.
Another reason you should read is because it could help you make new
friends. If you and some one else like the same book, you could use it as a conversation topic and maybe later become friends. You may even make more then one friend. I think reading is a great hobby because it gives you something fun to do, and it can open so many opportunities for you. If you don’t like a certain book or series, it’s always okay because there are millions more to choose from. We are all individuals and we like different types of books. There are also many genres, such as fantasy, historical, fiction, non-fiction, classics, biographies, and many more.

Every time I read one of my favorite books, I am always happy and get caught up in it, and it’s a great feeling. Also, if one of your favorite books is made into a movie, like the Twilight and Harry Potter series, it’s always so much fun to go to the theater with your friends and you all yell out “that’s not how its supposed to happen!” at the same time. I know some people may not enjoy reading, and I know many people do. But whether you do or you don’t, I still think reading is a wonderful hobby and everyone should give it a try.

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