October 18, 2008
www.wikipedia.org is probably the most helpful site that I've ever been too. It's an encyclopedia on the web! If you want information on any actor, any movie, any CD, any book, author, year, country or historical event here is where to look.

Wikipedia uses many different websites to string information together. I've used it to look up dozens of actors and singers, as well as countries for school assignments. I’ve also found it useful for finding out a release date of a CD, book or movie that I’m looking forward to. It’s been very helpful. I use it more than Google! I use it to look up basically everything now. It is so useful and I highly recommend it, for school of for pleasure, turn to wikipedia.org!

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mnm3808 said...
May 21, 2009 at 1:26 am
The only problem with Wikipedia is that anyone can write an article. Still, you can usually tell whats what.
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