Out With Old, In With The New

September 17, 2008
By Liza Guben, Miami, FL

In today’s society over one million of Americans are utilizing Facebook to network with friends and to publicize their personal affairs on the internet. The creators of Facebook have just recently altered their settings and have come up with a new format. But this was from a positive innovation. How do you feel about this change? Beneficial? Confusing? Annoying? The “New Facebook” is a lot more difficult to understand, and it is significantly harder to perform everyday Facebook tasks such as look at other people’s wall posts, check their photos, as well as commenting on other people’s stuff like photos and walls. And who is to blame? The Facebook creators. I finally just adjusted to the old Facebook settings and I am not up for having to learn the new ways of Facebook.
This change in Facebook settings served no justice what so ever, it just made everything a hundred times more complicated. So infuriating! I am no longer anxious to check my notifications, comment on my friend’s walls or upload pictures. I hate the fact that every profile no longer has a specific wall where you can just see everyone’s posts; instead you have to click on a separate location in order to see someone’s posts. Also, Facebook no longer has a secluded box with everyone’s updates statuses. All the statuses now just appear on the mini feed. It’s just one manifestation of confusion! So what can we do about this? A few things. Well multiple people have been making Facebook groups to abolish their new settings once and for all. Hopefully these groups are able to put an end to the “New Facebook”, and bring back the old settings. This facebook is nothing more but an aggravating experience.
I do not mean to bash Facebook because despite the innovations to the settings, I am still able to communicate with all my friends which is the purpose of Facebook. Things just take longer to do, and it can be very tedious. But if Facebook does not return to the old format, we will all just have to get use to it!

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