Response to "Numbers and Words"

November 14, 2013
By PeteThieroff SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
PeteThieroff SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
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In the November 2013 issue of Teen Ink, Ali Schindler expresses her hate for numbers and her love for words in her article “Words and Numbers.” After reading her article, I can understand her dilemma, but I totally disagree. I love numbers, and math is my favorite subject. Although I love numbers, Ali’s writing does not surprise me because I can relate to having only one correct answer in math and having multiple ways of answering when using words. I like good organization and when a sequence of planned events goes the way it is supposed to go. While solving a math problem, the step-by-step process is what I like. I enjoy there usually being only one way to solve it; I feel satisfied when I solve it and have a definite answer. When I have to use word, I sometimes struggle; I never know if my answer or response will be considered right. There may be a countless number of ways to answer the question with words.

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