Robotics Challenge ‘Climate Connections’

October 9, 2008
By Samantha Tan, Chicago, IL

Robotics is a challenge where kids of any age can learn about science and technology. If you don’t understand on what robotics it is a different term for FLL. FLL means First Lego League, yes we use legos. In the past we were able to use RCX robot. This robot was small and square; it was cool using it in my school’s first attempt to win the FLL Competition.
Over the year we started using the RCX the people from the competition told us that we were able to use a new type of robot called the NXT. The NXT is an awesome robot. You can have this robot play sounds and other cool things.
This year’s robotics challenge is Climate Connections. My robotics team is called the “Green Rain Drops”, considering that it goes well with the challenge sorta. Before the competition my team will learn about the understanding of what Climate Connections is. Learning about the climate can be hard at times but then once you get a very good understanding about it you will know all about Climate Connections.
Mostly robotics is about studying the challenge problem not just working with robots. People think that robotics is just all about robots since ‘robot’ is in robotics. It’s Robotics is very hard and, frustrating at times. The best thing about it is that it is fun in practice and in the competition.

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