John Q Vs. Antigone

October 12, 2008
By Dixie Curtis, Springfield, MO

John Q is a mid-age black man in the 21 century that is just trying to save his son from dieing. Antigone is a young white girl in Ancient Greece that is just trying to give her brother a proper burial. What possible similarity could those two people have in common? The similarities that John Q and Antigone have in common is their personalities and their abilities to do anything and everything it takes to save someone they love.

Both John Q and Antigone have extremely similar personalities because they are both full of pride. John Q is willing to put his life on the line for his son, which is exactly like Antigone putting her life on the line for her brother. Another personality similarity is both Antigone and John Q aren¡¯t willing to take no for an answer. Antigone didn¡¯t listen to Ismene when she told Antigone to leave Polynieces¡¯s body alone. John Q didn¡¯t listen when the heart doctor told him that holding innocent people hostage was not the way to get his son a heart. The things that Antigone and John Q did for their families was extremely daring, but they both did what they felt was right. Antigone gave her life just so she could bury her brother and John Q kidnapped about 10 people in a hospital ER just so he could get his son a heart. By doing that for their families Antigone died and John Q will have to spend years in jail and will loss exactly what he was afraid of losing, which is not being able to see his son grow up.

Although what Antigone and John Q did was courageous, it in the end they both ended up getting huge trouble.. One does not have to be in the same century or even the same gender to be similar and that is what Antigone and John Q provided. The movie and the play are different, but it is still the same daring and courageous main character in both.

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