Presidential Commercials

September 30, 2008
By Calvin Buechler, Littleton, CO

Ladies and gentlemen! Do you watch TV? As the case may be you do everyday. Now you have definitely seen many commercials; and since it’s near the Presidential election you have observed a great number of presidential advertisements. Don’t they irritate you?
A typical opening for a presidential commercial is with pictures of poverty and families in need and those big oil rigs in the ocean. After those pictures a narrator says bad things about their opponents and shows some more pictures of either McCain with the president or Obama with a person in congress. As soon as those pictures go away the candidate says, “I approve this message,” with a picture of them speaking to a crowd. It is the weirdest setup I have ever seen for a commercial.
Presidential commercials are as annoying as my little brother-when he follows my friends and me around. I mean Obama has a commercial that states bad things about McCain. Right after that horrible commercial for Obama when he says “We don’t want more of the same.” McCain has one that slanders about Obama and says, “He has voted for big oil companies.” I don’t understand why they just say the good things they are going to do instead of bad things about their opponent. They are so dull that I almost fell asleep to them. These commercials get on everybody’s nerves because nobody wants watches them. They also interrupt shows. It’s like your dad flipping channels on you but it’s not.
When the candidates make their speeches they even have commercials for them while they are talking about each other. I don’t understand why they even have commercials for when the candidates have their speeches. When they have their speeches they should take away the commercials for that amount of time because they take away some other important commercials which are way better and much more important.. While they are having the commercials during their speeches makes other people mad.
One time I was watching the Olympics and without any warning there is a commercial for Obama. It made me so mad because when they came back the next event had already started and I didn’t get to see the ending of the first event. I remember that it was one of the tack events with Usain Bolt breaking a world record. I hate presidential commercials. They are worthless. They listen to the candidates speeches instead. I can’t wait until the election is over.

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