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July 21, 2013
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Type: Social and safe website for kids (all around the globe)

Founder: Allen W Achilles


Kidzworld was launched in, 2001, by Allen W. Achilles as a safe social networking site for kids and teenagers from all around the globe and is not restricted to a certain area. At www.kidzworld you can chat, play games, read celeb news, movie reviews and more. It provides moderated chat, requires parental permission to make an account, and a bully free zone.
When Kidzworld was established there were no safe websites for kids and certainly no “Face book”. Using sophisticated computer technology and an experienced temperance team; Kidzworld goes that extra step to protect its users from unwelcome solicitations, inappropriate language and bullying. It provides an easy way to use the internet for good purposes, by the kids. Kidzworld uses advanced moderation and behavioral analysis technology to provide seamless moderation of all user interaction, which delivers maximum engagement and provides a powerful insight into visitor activity.
Kidzworld is not only a social network but also a platform for self expression; encouraging kids and teens to express themselves through the creation of original content, blogs, stories and poetry.
They can interact with each other 24/7 (all the time) in the fully moderated chat rooms and on the forums. In the KW Zone, their user profile is a safe and secure way for them to let other kids know who they are and what they are interested in.

Things you can do:

There's so much to look at on this busy, buzzing site that it feels a bit overwhelming right from the start. Kids personally get indulged in an online space of their own as this site provides a way to easily read news and reviews, blogs, an advice column (to which they can also post a question), and short articles about health, personal style, and project ideas.

You can also play games, explore discuss and enjoy!
Kidzworld influences technology to allow kids to express themselves through the creation of original content in a number of different ways. They interact with each other in the chat rooms and on the boards. In the KW Zone, their user profile is a safe and secure way for them to let other kids know who they are and what they are interested in. You can also send messages to other members, send emails or e-cards, post articles or personal writings, upload photos or videos, play games, and enter contests
This area is always monitored – which is something no other kids website provides, which will later be looked at in detail.


KidzWorld is basically an online social network where kids can communicate in an apparently safe environment. (The privacy policy pledges the utmost safety and protection of personal information, and there are strict chat rules.) After the free registration process -- during which parents are notified of the child's intent to join (the parents emails are required for permission) -- kids can create a profile, chat, post. You can have confidence that Kidzworld works very hard to provide a safe, interaction between kids from around the globe. Everything kids do at Kidzworld where they can interact with each other is monitored. Thus, there is no ability to share or disclose personally identifiable information, if you don't want to. According to the site itself No other website can legitimately claim to be what Kidzworld is: The first safe, secure kids social network.


This site is perfectly safe, so keep it that way:

Discuss making an account on KIDZWORLD with your parents first and ask their permission.

Do not get ahead of yourself and disclose too much personal information, try telling as little as possible or as much as needed.

Don't be rude to anyone or discuss argumentative issues!

Don't interact with unknown people from this site using any other social media (like face book, twitter, Skype etc.)

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