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June 17, 2013
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TIB Credo

This quote is trying to convey if someone can dream something, then they should be able to make an attempt or be able to do it. This quote encourages many people to chase after their dreams and try something that they have dreamed of doing.
The reason that I selected this quote is because I thought it had an encouraging reason behind it, and could encourage many people because such an influential character like Walt Disney spoke it.

First off, as I just said, this quote has a very important meaning to it. To tell someone that if they dream it, they can do it really boosts their self-esteem and confidence and makes them want to achieve at what they are striving for. This could be a sport, hobby, or their grades!

Secondly, it could really encourage kids or adults because someone well known such as Walt Disney said the quote. When someone hears a well-known author or person’s quote, they would recognize it better. This year my writing has transformed from standard to extra extraordinary. I have really taught myself to go beyond the limit with my writing, and expand my thoughts and put my thoughts onto the paper.
This year, my level of writing has increased by a lot. Last year, I did not know how to incorporate thorough and detailed language in my writing, but now, I apply myself by using more strong and vivid verbs. In addition to language, my style has been revised as well. The way I write is completely different now because I write using better dialogue, and expanding the moment more then I used to.
Lastly, my writing has developed very much this last year by the way I use words, the style of writing, and my own techniques that make my writing unique and different from others. All of these changes helped my writing develop and create more interesting stories that grabbed the readers attention more.

Connecting my writing to something in the outside world, the way my writing has changed this year can be related to the way a baby bird grows up. At first, the baby bird needs to develop and needs strength, which is provided from other birds, or in my case, writing teachers. Continuing, the bird grows up on its own, finding new ways to survive and live, and eventually leaves the nest. This relates to me because I have used my own techniques that I have developed on my own for the most part with only little help, and now I am able to write by myself, with only little questions, and using my own way of writing.

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