September 18, 2008
By Nicolo Bennati, Miami, FL

As I engaged in the video game I noticed that the graphics were so realistic that you could see every detail so clearly. For instance the creators of the game excelled so deeply in every detail that they had created the game to maximize the similarities to look like a real football game. You could see the players sweat and muscle definition so clearly, it's like if you were too watch the football game in HDTV. The Madden NFL 09 video game has had some big updates that maybe some madden fans will not appreciate, but some will. They have created a system that adjusts your skill ability to equal your other competitor on the system. This new addiction to the game equals the skill ability difference between you and your opponent, to create a closer match and make it more competitive between the two opponents. The new Madden has a new addition and different varieties of play styles. Meaning that as you play against the game you can pick different options, like whether you'd like to play against Easy, Pro, All-Pro, and All-Madden. The newest attraction to the game is that you can customize your own play style to ease or harden the way that the game plays on you. The way that the game adapts to your play style is by taking what madden calls, as the Madden IQ test. This is a series of drills that you play in a virtual field that judge's all your movements and play style's, so that the game knows how to play at the perfect skill level to create a much more competitive game. As you progress through the drills, the madden test begins to get much more difficult so then the game knows to what extent I can endure while I play so that I don't get massacred by the game. Like most NFL players they have thought of numerous touchdown celebration. For the first time in the Madden they have a system in the end zone you are able to run to the field goal post and dunk the football in the field goal but in both corners you do a funny touchdown celebration.

"But no true Madden fan really gives a damn about how EA Sports is making Madden easier for the less-than-important player who has never picked up the game."
By: Nate Ahearn

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